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March Membership Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2019
Meeting called to order by H. DeBoer at 7:00 pm.

Attendees Present B. Dankiw (Secretary), M. Doneburgh (Archery Director), M. Walsh (Treasurer), D. Danna (PR & Affiliations), Kurt Field (Building and Grounds), T. Gacek (Membership), K. Johnson (Pistol Director), C. Pollichemi (Vice President), J. McCarthy (Clays Director) and H. DeBoer (President). Excused R. Hamister (Rifle Director). 15 other individuals in attendance. 

Sickness or Distress  none 

President (H. DeBoer)  Nothing to report. 

Secretary’s Report (B. Dankiw)  Minutes from February’s meeting were reviewed, accepted, signed and filed. 

Vice President (C. Pollichemi)  Nothing to report. 

Membership (T. Gacek) (as reported by D. Danna)  List of new prospective members for January was reviewed. There were no objections to anyone on the list.  In February we welcomed 68 new members, also had 115 renewals. We have 1397 members total for 2019. List of February applicants to be posted in Clubhouse. If there are any objections to individuals on February list, contact any board member.  Start to deactivate access cards of members that have not renewed on March 1st.

Treasury (M. Walsh) Income——$16,356.00 mainly from membership Expenses—–$5,500.83 mainly for donations and grounds.  Total on hand—-$111,361.58 at end of February. 

Director’s reports

Building and Grounds (K. Field)  Planning on starting some spring cleaning now that weather is improving. E-mail to be sent out 

Rifle (R. Hamister)  No report. 

Archery (M. Doneburgh)  Range will be closed for couple of weeks after the large tree by the shed is brought down and is being cut up. Will need some help with the cleanup.  We have equipment that can be used for training. Contact any director.  BB gun league is proceeding well. 11 youth partaking. To end May 28th. There is interest for an air rifle league also.

Public Relations and Affiliations (D. Danna).  Our club was honored on March 9th with an award from our neighbor, the Eire Canal Society. 8 attended. The received a plaque.  We also received a thank you letter from the Town of Camillus for our donation to help with their Fireworks Display in July.  Still in process of looking for alternate supplier for clothing with our logo on it. 

Clays (J. McCarthy)  Winter Skeet shoot off to take place this Saturday and winter trap league to shoot here this Sunday.  Looking for someone to step in and as team captain for the upcoming Tuesday night CNY league.
The budget for the youth trap and the Liverpool High School team has been approved, 

Pistol Ranges (Kevin Johnson)  Bulls eye league ended February 25th. Fun league ends April 10th. Still can sign up for it.  Doing one rule change to indoor pistol range due to amount of damage that is being done. There will be shooting from the prone, sitting or kneeling positions at range other than 50 feet. Hangers were extended couple of inches to help out with problem also. 

Old Business  None 

New Business  None
Meeting adjourned at 7:17 pm
Bob Dankiw

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