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March 2019 Newsletter

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He
kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him… The moral: When you’re
full of bull, keep your mouth shut.
Will Rogers

You may notice a recurring theme to my messages. Be Safe and have Fun.
With the need for safety comes Rules, Rules, and more Rules. Every Member is responsible for making sure the rules are followed and our activities are conducted in a safe manner. Please don’t take offense when someone reminds you of the rules. If you are not comfortable reminding another Member of the rules, send an email to one of the Directors, with the time, date, location, and the nature of the violation.

The Directors are at
The calendar indicates that Spring arrives this week. The Town of
Camillus has done an excellent job of maintaining the road in the past and I am certain that as the weather permits, they will make the necessary repairs again this year. I just keep reminding myself that.

Club Range and Facilities Rules Violations
Range and Facilities Rules Violation Incident(s) Requiring Executive
Committee Action
Member # Date Range/Facility Description
What a relief it is to not have to report any serious club ranges or facilities
rules violations since the February newsletter.

• In February we welcomed 68 new members for 2019. • In February we had 115 members renew for 2019.

• As of March 09, our membership total for 2019 is 1397

• Membership renewals for 2019 are coming in slowly. •

If you have not renewed your membership your access to the club will end March 01, 2019.

If you have an email address change, or any other changes in your information send it to:

RIFLE: Bob Hamister
Rifle Range Bench Donation Project: There are 5 benches on the rifle range which need a donation plaque. Please help if you can.

PISTOL: Kevin Johnston
When prone, kneeling, or sitting you MUST now move the targets to the back wall at the 50ft mark. You may no longer shoot from these positions at targets on the RED line or in-between the RED line and the back wall. Shooting in these positions, when the target is closer than the back wall, causes shooters to elevate their barrels significantly enough where the ceiling and/or baffles become the backdrops. This has been causing damage to the range and is unsafe. Any questions can be directed to Kevin Johnston, Pistol Director,

ARCHERY: Mark Doneburgh
The B.B. gun league continues Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the meeting room.

CLAYS: Joel McCarthy
As the weather gets better the clays fields will get more use. Please remember to pick up after yourself. Empty shotgun hulls should be picked up and disposed of. Please remember that the clay throwing machines don’t reload themselves. If you don’t know how to load the machines please ask. Liverpool H.S. trap team starts Saturday, March 30th. CSC Youth clays team starts Sunday, April 7th. We are currently looking for a captain for Camillus Sportsmen’s CNY Trap team.

Just a reminder to help out this year, many hands make light work (1400 members will make it easy).

Our club was honored on March 9th with an award from our neighbor, the Eire Canal Society. The plaque we received can be seen on the wall of the club house.

We also received a thank you letter from the Town of Camillus for our donation to help with their Fireworks Display in July. I will also be posting this letter in the club house.

Username and Password: If you are having trouble getting into the web site, your password may have been changed when we went to the new web hosting. It was changed back to the original. If you have trouble getting into the web site contact me at: For information for the next Women in Nature event click on: WIN

MEMBERS MEETING: General Membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 pm, in the club training room. It’s your club. Hal DeBoer, President ~~ Dom Danna, Public Relations & Affiliations

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