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January 2019 Newsletter

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” William James

PRESIDENT- Hal DeBoer The new year is upon us and the Directors are diligently working on 
project proposals for the year. The budgets and projects should be 
finalized within a month. Initial indications are for more ambitious 
and significant improvements and upgrades to the Club’s facilities. 
Please watch the Club’s website for volunteers needed on the projects. 
Three years ago we embarked on the objective to make the Camillus 
Sportsmen’s Club the “Premier Facility for Shooting Sports” in Central 
New York and we are continuing on the same path. If new memberships 
is any indication of our success, the membership continues to grow at 
an extraordinary rate. Enjoy Your Club and please remember to be
Hal DeBoer, President Club Range and Facilities Rules Violations
Range and Facilities Rules Violation Incident(s) Requiring Executive Committee Action 
Member # Date Range/Facility Description 

What a relief it is to not have to report any serious club ranges or facilities rules violations since the December newsletter.

MEMBERSHIP: Ted Gacek • In December we welcomed 56 new
members for 2019.

• In December we had 268 members renew 2019. • As of January 5,
our membership total for 2019 is 930 • Membership renewals for 2019 are coming in slowly. • 2018 Membership ended December 31, 2018. 
• Card Deactivation process will start after January 01, 2019. 
If you have an email address change, or any other changes in your
information send it to:

RIFLE: Bob Hamister • Sunday morning benchrest and off-hand
winter leagues are ongoing. 
• Rifle range bench sponsorships: 6 are left. Please help if you can. 
• Please clean up your spent brass.

PISTOL: Kevin Johnston We are looking for help on Saturday Jan. 26 to replace an indoor target rail that has been shot. If you can help starting at 8:00 am, please contact me at the pistol email below. 
We are also looking into options for improving the ventilation in the
Indoor range. In the interim, ensure you turn on the ventilation fans
(knob next to the light) when using the range. It is on a timer (up to one hour) so you may have to turn the knob more than once for extended
periods of stay. Members are reminded that shotshells are not allowed on the Indoor Range. Several .410 wads were found on the range floor. If you see a member violating the rules, and are uncomfortable
speaking to him/her yourself, please contact the Pistol Director with
details, along with date/time of violation at

ARCHERY: Mark Doneburgh We have sent out a survey about interest in a BB gun league for youth and adults. If you are interested, please
contact me at:

CLAYS: Joel McCarthy 
Replaced door on one of the trap scoring buildings. 
Saturday morning Winter Skeet league and Sunday Winter Tri County
Trap league have started. Winter Skeet league shoots every Saturday
morning. If you are interested, join us on Saturday morning.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Kurt Field Please refer to the
maintenance calendar for any major projects that you would like to help with or contact me at:

closed the store on our web site. They said production costs are too high for the small number of orders they receive. I am working with them to see if we can work-out some sort of new system. One option is to have
the store open possibly four times a year for a few weeks. In this way
there would be enough orders at one time to make it worth their
If anyone has any other ideas please email me at:

Username and Password: If you are having trouble getting into the web site, your password may have been changed when we went to the new web hosting.
We reverted the passwords to the originals which were the same as
our user name. Once you get into the site, you can change your
password to whatever you wish. MEMBERS MEETING: General
Membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each
month, at 7:00 pm, in the club training room. It’s your club. 
Hal DeBoer, President ~~ Dom Danna, Public Relations & Affiliations
Connect to our web site at:
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