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December 2018 Newsletter

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

President- Chris Pollichemi 
Thank you for your support while I have been President. I would also
like to thank all of you…them members and volunteers that make the
club “happen”. Happy and safe holidays, I will see you next year as Vice President for 2019.

We are looking for cinder block masons to get quotes for work to be
done at the club, please email

Vice President- Mike Arnold 
It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve the club in one position
or another over the years. I’m proud to have been associated with the members of the executive committee, and of the many projects which
have been accomplished by them. Thanks for the memories. Club
Range and Facilities Rules Violations- 
What a relief it is to not have to report any serious club ranges or
facilities rules violations since the November newsletter.

NOTE: A serious rules violation results in an immediate deactivation of the member’s club access card. Most rules violations are resolved by
simply reminding a member of the rule(s).

A REMINDER: If you don’t know the difference between a shotgun shot shell and slug or sabot, or a bottle neck cartridge and a rim fire
cartridge, or the difference between a pistol cartridge and a rifle
cartridge, or what caliber or type of firearm can be used on which range or have any questions about anything – – – ASK SOMEONE. 
GUEST RULES REMINDERS: Member’s responsibilities are POSTED for
bringing guests to the club. Members are absolutely responsible for the
conduct of their guest(s). The member is responsible to sign-in the guest(s) every time they are at the range and pay $2 per guest for using any of the ranges. The guest fees are deposited in the wall safe in the club
house. The member will not shoot, and will directly supervise the guest
shooting, and only one guest is allowed to shoot at a time. All club rules apply to guests.

In November we welcomed 7 new members for 2018. In November we welcomed 30 new members for 2019. In November we had 148
members renew for 2019.

As of December 10th, our membership total for 2018 is 1645 
As of December 10th, our membership total for 2019 is 607 
Membership renewal process for 2019 is in progress. 2019 Renewal
dues will be: new member $100, new senior to $50. 
* 2018 Membership ends December 31, 2018 
* Card Deactivation process will start after January 01, 2019. 
If you have an email address change, or any other changes in your
information send it to:

RIFLE: Bob Hamister- 
We are starting to see more and more silhouette targets being used on
the rifle range. These targets are violations of the rules. If you have them and want to use them, fold over the top section and then staple to the
target board. Thank you for your cooperation. 
Please clean up your spent brass (this includes steel and aluminum)
cases from the concrete. 
Winter rifle leagues have started on Sunday mornings. Please check the club calendar on the website. 
Rifle Range Bench Donation Project: There are 9 benches on the rifle
range which need a donation plaque. Please help if you can. 
Have fun and shoot safely.

PISTOL: Kevin Johnston- 
– Indoor range backstop wall was rebuilt on 12/15/2018. Many thanks to the people that came to help! New impact panels have been installed in an effort to extend the life of the wall. 
– Other minor repairs were also completed. Please report any damage
or maintenance issues to 
– There have been several minor range rules and guest policy violations that required director intervention. 
Please take the time to review the range rules and if you have any questions, contact the Pistol Director. As a reminder, all targets should be at
or beyond the Red line on the floor, not in front of the RED line. 
– There are currently two leagues active at this time. Stop in and check it out! ▪
National Match Pistol: Monday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00 PM   ▪ Indoor Fun League: Wednesday mornings from 9:00 to 11:00 AM

ARCHERY: Mark Doneburgh- 
Some of the newer 3D targets have been removed from the field and
placed in storage for rest of winter. 
There are still some older 3D targets left out for use. Bag targets to be
removed soon. Planning on having the large tree by the shed taken
Planning on doing a survey to see how much interest there is for a BB
gun league for youth and adults.

CLAYS: Joel McCarthy- 
Received 2018 report from the Youth Shotgun Program. 32 shooters
Winter Skeet league to start on December 22. 
Winter Tri County Trap League to start on January 6th with 1st shoot at Camillus. Buildings and Grounds: Kurt Field- 
Please refer to the maintenance calendar for any major projects that
you would like to help with or contact me at:

Username and Password: If you are having trouble getting into the web site, your password may have been changed when we went to the new web hosting.
We reverted the passwords to the originals which were the same as
your user name. Once you get into the site, you can change your
password to whatever you wish.
MEMBERS MEETING: General Membership meetings are held on the
second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 pm, in the club training room. It’s your club. 
Dominick Danna, Public Relations & Affiliations Director 
Chris Pollichemi, President 2018

Connect to our web site at: