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February 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2019
Meeting called to order by H. DeBoer at 7:00 pm.

Attendees Present B. Dankiw (Secretary), M. Doneburgh (Archery Director), M. Walsh (Treasurer), D. Danna (PR & Affiliations), Kurt Field (Building and Grounds), R. Hamister (Rifle Director), K. Johnson (Pistol Director), C. Pollichemi (Vice President), J. McCarthy (Clays Director) and H. DeBoer (President). Excused T. Gacek (Membership). 12 other individuals in attendance. 

Sickness or Distress  B. Small (Bench rest shooter) had by-pass surgery performed and G. Wede (clay target shooter, hunter ed. Instructor, longtime member) had passed away. 

Secretary’s Report (B. Dankiw)  Minutes from January’s meeting were reviewed, accepted, signed and filed. 

President (H. DeBoer)  Commented in New Business 

Vice President (C. Pollichemi)  Nothing to report. 

Membership (T. Gacek) (as reported by D. Danna)  List of new prospective members for December displayed on screen. There were no objections to anyone on the list.  In January we welcomed 77 new members, also had 91 renewals. We have 1174 members total for 2019. List of January applicants to be posted in Clubhouse. If there are any objections to individuals on January list, contact any board member.  To start deactivating access cards of members that have not renewed on March 1st.

Treasury (M. Walsh) Income——$25,799.00 mainly from membership  Expenses—–$4,498.45 mainly for taxes and grounds.  Total on hand—-$102,303.36 at end of January. 

Director’s reports

Building and Grounds (K. Field)  Plowing and removing snow. Lot of ice on parking lots, use caution. 

Rifle (R. Hamister)  There still 5 benches available for sponsorship. Requesting $200.00 for each to offset cost of the 40 benches that have been installed.  2 Sunday morning leagues are still ongoing. 

Archery (M. Doneburgh)  2019 Budget was approved. Some new 3D targets will be purchased.  Will need some volunteers this spring to do some tree work, berm repairs and target holder repairs.  BB gun rifle league was to start past Tuesday, but had to be cancelled due to bad weather. Have 11 registered youth for the program. 6 rifles were purchased by the Club for the program. One of our members also has donated a rifle for the program. The league will run 15 weeks. How the shooting sequence goes was explained.  6 Adults have inquired about an adult bb gun league. Need a member to step up and run it. 

Public Relations and Affiliations (D. Danna).  Town of Camillus requested a donation again for the annual firework display. Suggest the same as last year, $1000.00. The Erie Canal Park Association has named Camillus Sportsmen’s Club for one of their annual awards. It will be presented at their annual awards dinner on March 9th. We received 8 tickets. We could ask for more. Women in Nature requested a contribution. Suggest the same as last year– $135.00 for a full page add in their program. We should all check the web site for updates, i.e. the president’s message. We have a request from a Syracuse boy scout group for access to the club for a weekend of camping, shooting, etc. They needed an immediate answer, we declined. Has not had a chance to research a new store for clothing with our logo. 

Clays (J. McCarthy)  Winter Skeet and Trap Leagues are ongoing.

Pistol Ranges (Kevin Johnson)  The two tracks that were shot up were replaced.  When shooting at targets at 7 yards please don’t aim towards ceiling.  Looking to replace blocks again in the next 3 months. 

Old Business  Town promised to repair road as soon as possible. Slowing down will minimize further damage. 

New Business  Comment was made that many indoor pistol users not heeding to the 7yard minimum target placement. Need to police and report if someone continues to ignore the rule. There is a posting on door reminding members of this.  Hal reported that a Conflict of Interest affidavit was signed by all members of the board.  A meeting was held just prior to the membership meeting regarding a resolution that was approved for the conduct of leagues, matches, competitions and tournaments that take place here at Club or we participate in. H. Deboer read the resolution. This resolution is available for members to read.  Identified some book keeping errors associated with funds collected from the Tri-County Trap league. Due to the errors Camillus team members will be able to shoot for free for the balance of the year.  It is felt that the $5.00 charge for targets during the CNY trap league is excessive. If we take part in the league, all Camillus team members will shoot for free when we are at home.  Question was raised if R. Prior is being paid for expenses he incurs in the kitchen. He is being reimbursed for all purchases he makes.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 pm
B. Dankiw

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